K.A. Bachus

k.a.bachus_120x141Commissioned Officer US Air Force retired. Trial Criminal Defense Lawyer and Writer. K.A. Bachus has had military time and experience in the Pacific and Atlantic theaters of operation. Exposure to the criminal justice system, matters of human and civil rights have consumed much her professional legal career, and contributed in significant part to her many articles.


Ieva Balčiūnaitė


Ieva holds an L.L.M. in International and EU Law, from Vilnius University, Lithuania. She has extensive experience in international and national commercial dispute resolution and mediation. Ieva is a member of the Lithuanian Bar and has appeared before the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Lithuania. Ieva is keenly engaged in practice and in promotion of Conflict Resolution as the premier platform for resolving contention between parties at the local, national and international levels.


Lelon Caroll

Lt Colonel U.S. Army retired. Twenty-eight years of active duty military service (Regular Army/Mechanized Infantry/Foreign Area Officer/Special Forces). LTC Caroll has seen extensive service and time in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His areas of specialization include Training and Doctrine, International & Intercultural Relations; National Level Command and Control, Operations, Liaison, Concepts and Experimentation.

Shahrukh S. Dhanji

SD_1-1_120x141Shaan’ ( as he is known to his friends and colleagues holds a Doctorate in Law and was a Commissioner of Human and Civil Rights for the state of Florida, USA, He is the subject of a book “Commissioner in Exile” (Zidane Press) and is an author himself. He has held many leadership positions in various initiatives and philanthropic works and continues to serve in an Advisory and Board capacity to various companies. His international experience spans North America, Asia and Europe. His transactional experiences have included private and commercial structuring of finance for physical trade and other cross jurisdictional projects. He is a firm proponent of intelligence verification and “boots on the ground” as a policy to underwrite policy implementation operation. He is extensively active in philanthropic initiatives as directed through the Dhanji Foundation. (


Jawad Husain

Jawad has extensive and expansive experience in the International Relations arena ranging from organizations – UN, government and private sector.  He has been involved in dealing with issues related to, human rights on the local and international issue level. Jawad’s analytical and a research prowess provides keen insight on the targeted intelligence focus areas of our operations.

Yana Leonova

Yana Leonova, Advisory Director of Finance Management. Yana has extensive experience in a Physical Trade and Private Project Finance. She holds an MBA in Finance Management from the University of Wales, and is multi-lingual (Russian English, German and Italian). Yana has worked with underwriting Physical Commodtiy Trade transactions. She has negotiated, structured and implemented private finance platforms. Provided guidance and advice on Letters of Credit, Conducted site inspections for product verification and assessed performance reviews of manufacturers, processors and suppliers of product. She has been responsible for launching an American micro credits system on a regional Russian basis. Worked on developing a US-to-Russia investment program, and an optimum offshore JV structure. Yana manages project budgets, and presents reports on periodic dashboard performance on current projects.

Sofia Mashovets

sofia_mashovets_120x141Sofia graduated from the National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine) and holds degrees of a BA in Political Science and MA in Journalism. In 2004-2008, she worked for the Institute of Mass Information, a leading Ukrainian NGO fighting for freedom of speech and journalists’ professional rights. Sofia co-authored and edited textbooks for journalists published by the IMI, and has a number of publications in Ukrainian media. She spent 5 years working for international companies in the Southeast Asia, and extensive international experience in marketing communications and public relations.


Elvadas Stonkus

raj_singh_1-120x141Evaldas is a experienced communications specialist with over 10 years of experience with NGOs. He has and continues to serve as the public spokesman for his clients organizations. He is an empowering and motivational public speaker. Evaldas has master degree in International Communications from Vilnius University and belongs to Lithuanian Public Relations Specialists’ Association. His fields of expertise are pubic speaking and networking. Evaldas gave lectures on Public speaking, Networking and Public relations.

Contributing Writers

Rimantė Steponavičiūtė

rimante_steponaviciute_120x141Rimantė Steponavičiūtė is engaged in international policy and development. She has been active in refugee crisis management, being part of onsite operations. Her regions of interests and growing expertise include North Africa and the Middle East.