Executive Committee

Shahrukh S. Dhanji

Shaan’ ( as he is known to his friends and colleagues holds a Doctorate in Law and was a Commissioner of Human and Civil Rights for the state of Florida, USA, He is the subject of a book “Commissioner in Exile” (Zidane Press) and is an author himself. He has held many leadership positions in various initiatives and philanthropic works and continues to serve in an Advisory and Board capacity to various companies. His international experience spans North America, Asia and Europe. His transactional experiences have included private and commercial structuring of finance for physical trade and other cross jurisdictional projects. He is a firm proponent of intelligence verification and “boots on the ground” as a policy to underwrite policy implementation operation. He is extensively active in philanthropic initiatives as directed through the Dhanji Foundation. (


Michel has been a serial entrepreneur having successfully launched commercial activities and exhibited exceptional management and administrative prowess. He is multi-lingual in French, English, German and Spanish. Michel is strongly passionate about the arts, specifically in the arena of classical music. He possess degrees and diplomas among which are in the arts. He has been granted status as a Master concert Pianist and has performed in this capacity globally. He has traveled extensively and provides a strong understanding of cultural diversity, and cross culture understanding. He has created platforms to bridge divers cultures through the arts. Michel has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of internet technology, graphic design, and event planning.


Board of Governors

Dr. Edo Korljan

Dr. Edo Korljan brings with him a wealth of international relations experience. He has worked for more than 20 years with the United Nations and the Council of Europe. His tours of deployment have taken him to many places conflict zones where Human Rights abuses and violations have been fraught. He has been professionally engaged in Cambodia, Palestinian territories, Iraq, and Chechnya, respectively. He has practiced in Strasbourg at the EU Human Rights Courts.

Hon. Kestutis Skrebys

Hon. Kestutis Skrebys has served as a Minister of Interior for Municipal Affairs for the Republic of Lithuania. He was a proponent of Lithuanian independence during the Soviet occupation and took a leadership position in the newly formed Lithuanian government at the time of Soviet withdrawal. He has strongly advocated open society and democratic societal values. He remains engaged in the matters of governance and general Baltic regional activities without public portfolio.


Head of Education and Training (Lithuania)

Teisininke Sandra Muleviciute

Sandra joined the IIR (Institute of International Relations) as a PhD researcher under the Human Rights Law Doctoral Program. Currently she is a candidate for a PhD degree as well as a lawyer practising in the areas of civil law and human rights. Sandra has gained wide-ranging legal experience and expertise by working in her own office (in Vilnius, Lithuania) and attending in a variety of seminars, conferencies, giving announcements in national institutions such as the Parliament of Republic of Lithuania.
Sandra holds a Master‘s Degree in Law from Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) and a Certificate in Justice from Harvard‘s University (Cambridge, USA). In addition she studied International law, European Union Law and Commonn Law of Contracts at Yeditepe University (Istanbul, Turkey).