Culture Sensitivity & Awareness Degree

Bachelor’s Degree (to include Language Courses)
Master’s Degree (Language and/or Internship)

Course Description: An academic platform designed for the education and training in cultural sensitivities and awareness in communities; the workplace; cross culture business engagements and government relations. To qualify individuals to a high professional standard of personal and professional conduct and performance to the level where successful cross culture interaction and participation becomes a matter of memory behavior. The areas of implementation will include an acute awareness of plurality; respect, tolerance, and diversity of culture and experiences. To propel the student candidate to an enhanced level of skill and capacity to manage a variety of situations and circumstances as predicated by the diverse cultures and divergence within a group of multi-cultures. The process will include communication and negotiation skills.

Mission: Heighten participants’ knowledge of how personal experiences impact interaction with individuals from other groups.

Academic Goals

  • Increase awareness of participant’s own biases and experience of difference
  • Promote mutual respect in a growing multicultural environment
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst co-workers on the issues of difference, cultural sensitivity, and communication
  • Awareness Building
  • Cultural Sensitivity in the Business world
  • Cultural Communication
  • Multi-Cultural growth and the government (administrative, judicial, law enforcement)