Global Security Degree

Baccalaureate 3.5 Years (7 semesters)

Course description: A specialized course that develops critical analysis and thinking in the area of peace and security. Global Security development and importance in a world that matures in complexity of geo-politics, political economy, cyber threats and acts of terror (acts against humanity), and conflagrations. The student is prepared for positions engaged Global Security Studies, Government, Public Management, and National Security.  The degree encompasses additional areas of Political Science and Laws of Conflict.   Scenarios of past and current events are analyzed through a Policy and Strategy paper that is publishing quality.


Course Requirements: 

Semester 1

  • Intelligence Rise, Fall & Resurrection – National Security
  • Global Political Economy
  • Geo-political Strategy (Spheres of Influence)
  • Military Strategy and Competing National Policy

Semester 2

  • Environmental Security in zones of conflagrations
  • Weapons of War: Technology; WMD; IED
  • Theory of Intelligence: Limits & Possibilities
  • Laws of Conflict (Geneva Convention Protocols)
  • Intelligence and Counter-terrorism
  • Research and Writing 1

Semester 3

  • Rising Powers
  • Religion, Conflict & Peacebuilding
  • Radicalization of developed society
  • Strategy and Infrastructure of Insurgency
  • Research and Writing 2

Semester 4

  • Politics and Security (one area of specialty)
    • Middle-East
    • Russia
    • South / South-East Asia (Indo-China)
  • Economics of National Security
  • Global Trade, Banking and Security
  • Public Diplomacy, Media Management

Semester 5

  • Warfare by Espionage and Covert Action in Foreign Policy
  • Leadership Analysis and Development Recognition Characteristics
  • Statecraft and Diplomacy
  • Comparative Intelligence
  • Counter-Terrorism

Semester 6

  • Research and Strategy
  • Special Operations in Strategic Policy and Implementation
  • Cyberspace – Operations and Threat
  • Politics, Language, and Culture

Semester 7

  • International Tribunal (World Court)
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Topic Thesis (Publication Quality)