International Commerce & Trade Degree

Baccalaureate 3.5 Years (7 semesters)
Masters 1.5 Years (3 semesters)
Doctorate  2 year (4 semesters)

Course Description:  An academic platform designed for the education and training of individuals to qualify as professionals in the International Trade and Commerce business sector and / or to provide fundamentals to entrepreneurs seeking to engage in the international commerce environment.  Provide development of the industry in the historical context in terms of actual product movement and payment methods.  The integration of legal systems to govern and enforce the transaction.  This course gives students the essential skills in negotiation, communication, international law, cultural sensitivities and language proficiency. Emphasizing practical awareness of this commerce sector students will matriculate with an empowerment to engage professionally and actively in the physical trade sector.

Mission:  To provide an academic platform for the professional training and education of individuals committed to engaging as entrepreneurs or qualified professionals in the internal Trade and Commerce sectors.

Academic Goals:  To inculcate certain fundamental core principals in the academic matriculation of student candidates as professional practitioner in the Internal Trade and Commerce sector.

  • Provide a substantive and comprehensive understanding of International Physical Trade
  • Set forth a practicable understanding of various methods and formats for international payments.
  • Recognition of plurality and diversity of peoples, cultures and the impact on International Trade and Commerce.
  • Assess transaction scenarios on facts, empirical data, market intelligence and business intelligence.
  • Underwriting considerations, Risk Analysis, and Assessment considerations of a (any transaction.
  • Legal parameters of contract development, agreement and enforcement
  • Apply recognized legal parameters or create the legal format necessary to establish and maintain compliance