Conflict Resolution

Conflict Prevention & Resolution (Mediation)

List of Training Courses:

Conflict Resolution Mediation (Basic) 20 Hours
Conflict Resolution Mediation (Advanced) 20 Hours
Mediation – Commercial Transactions 16 Hours
Mediation – Domestic / Family 16 Hours
Mediation – Labor 16 Hours
Mediation – International Trade 16 Hours
Conflict Prevention (Parts 1 & 2) 16 Hours (each)
Conflict Prevention & Resolution – Geo-Politics 20 Hours

“A good mediator promotes exchange through listening and dialogue, engenders a spirit of collaboration through problem solving, ensures that negotiating parties have sufficient knowledge, information and skills to negotiate with confidence and broadens the process to include relevant stakeholders from different segments of a society.” UN Secretary General report on Strengthening the Role of Mediation in the Peaceful Settlement of Disputes, Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

General Mediation / Conflict Resolution – Certification (40 Hour Course)

Training Period: 40 Hours
Training Format: (1) One full Week at 8 hours a day (2) Weekend Program Course Material: Mediation for Beginners By: Shaan Shahrukh Dhanji, Juris Doctor

Course Description: Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes. In some areas an extensive pre-litigation scheme exists and parties are required to attend mediation prior to commencing litigation. In international and environmental areas, facilitators use mediation skills to assist the creation of innovative solutions. Increasingly, conflict resolution skills are required in management and business to effectively prevent, manage and resolve disputes and complaints. This course gives students the essential negotiation, mediation and communication skills required to become a mediator. Emphasizing practical skills, students practice the theory they’ve learnt by mediating and participating in a range of conflict scenarios whilst receiving individual feedback on their overall performance. In the skills component, students work with the mediation model and learn alternative approaches to deal with varying circumstances. Students also investigate in-depth theoretical issues and relevant empirical studies in mediation ethics, inter-cultural context, contingent third-party interventions, power and empowerment.


Description / Hours

  • Introduction (Trainers and Trainees): .5
  • History of Mediation: 1.5
  • Types of Conflict: Four Primary Categories 2.0
  • Art of Mediation: 1.0
  • Mediatory Process: 4.0
  • Mediation v. Litigation: .5
  • Benefits of Mediation: 1.5
  • Mediation Styles: 2.5
  • Mediator Skillset & Tools: 4.0
  • Breaking the Impasse: .5
  • Rational | Emotional | Psychological Affects in the Process: .5
  • Mediator Selection: 1.0
  • Code of Conduct: 1.0
  • Confidentiality: Pro’s and Con’s 1.0
  • Agreements: (1) Mediation (2) Settlement 2.5
  • 4 Roll Play Scenarios 16
  • Training completion total 40 Hours

Specialized 20 Hour Certification Programs in:

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Domestic Issues
  • Community Based Conflict
  • International / Multi-Cultural Conflict