Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural Sensitivity

List of Training Courses:

Cultural Senstitivty & Awareness (Basic) 20 Hours
Cultural Senstitivty & Awareness (Advanced) 20 Hours
Cultural Sensitivity in the Work Environment 12 Hours
Cultural Sensitivity – Government to Constitutency 16 Hours
Cultural Sensitivity – Judiciary 16 Hours
Cultural Sensitivity – Law Enforcement to Public 16 Hours


Cultural Sensitivity

3 Day – Training Course


  • Geneva Switzerland
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

This module aims to:

  • Encourage participants to act, feel, and think differently
  • Help participants perceive a situation from another person’s point of view

Program emphasis includes:

  • Perception
  • Verbal Communications
  • Attacking:
  • “You” Messages:
  • Showing Power
  • To Say or Not to Say
  • Non-Verbal Communication

Diversity Checklist:

  • Is your organization’s commitment to diversity reflected within the organization’s core values?
  • Is your organization’s diversity the unintended consequence of shifting demographics?
  • Does management reflect the values of your organization and the individuals who make it up?
  • Is your organization’s commitment to diversity reflected in its budget as well as its demographics?
  • Is there a support system in place that allows for open dialogue about diversity issues in your workplace?  How often?
  • Do employees trust management and each other enough to communicate these issues?
  • Do employees advocate for each other and understand the value in advocacy?
  • What is the largest diversity concern in your workplace?

Value of a Diverse workforce

Valuing diversity focuses on maximizing the ability of all employees to contribute to organizational goals.


  • Understanding experiences of members of various cultural groups
  • Understanding barriers to communication across cultures
  • Applying knowledge to everyday practices is what builds cultural competence
  • Can be used to train and motivate employees, develop skills and leadership, and mark your organization as an employer of choice
  • Respect. Reliability. Retention.