Forum on Migration Policy & Refugees -October 15, 2015


General Information

Date:  Friday, June 12, 2015 – Start: 7pm
Location:  Vilnius, Lithuania – Domus Maria Hotel (Aušros vartų str. 12, Vilnius, LT)
Duration:   Two (2) Hours
Structure:   Wine / hors d’oeuvres – Child Music Performers – Presenters – Awards

Entry ticket:   25€ (by bank transfer or pay at entry)

Banking information:    
Account Name: Dhanji Paramos Fondas
Account IBAN: LT4 77300010138731714 – SWIFT: HABALT22


Aukse Katiniene, IIR Ambassador to Lithuania

Hon. Kestutis Skrebys – Former Minister of Interior for Municipal Affairs
Chief Remigus Volikas – Foreigner Registration Center – Pabrade
Director Robertas Mikulenas – Refugee Center – Rukla

Hon. Egidijus Vareikis
Member of Parliament

Dr. Rysardas Burda
KSU University – Dean of Law


refugees_walking_3_1500Current and ongoing geo-political tensions have created that largest displaced and refugee population in the history of humankind. Struggle over spheres of influence driven by national interest of prevailing geo-political and economic factors have without a doubt not only triggered this displacement of population crisis but the ripple effect continues to fuel the momentum.

There are considerable factors at play and by assessing this matter for cause and effect we hope to also create the process for solution.

The crisis albeit in the media predominates the middle east displacement the Ukraine, and other parts of the globe in Africa and Asia continue to face a growing displacement. The issue is refugees resulting from causes not triggered by those that have become the displaced. The triggering action are nothing short of a crisis in humanity, arguably crimes against humanity – heinous and in current and historical context ashamedly real in what is civilization in the 21 century.

Our material creations and technological advances dwarf when we can as people on one world allow this victimization of humanity at the cost of national interest and struggle of spheres of influence to dominate at the cost of the human interest.

Mission Objective:

Discussion on Migration Policy and Refugees. To provide a format of viewpoints from credible sources on the Refugee issues affecting Pan Europe and its impact in Lithuania. To provide a dispassionate and pragmatic platform for engaging on this issue. To create an impetus for objectivity in addressing this imminent upcoming Refugee issues that are perceived, predictable and consideration of latent affects.

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