I am a “Mandate” – I am a Walrus


WalrusThe following was submitted on a networking site – The author at this date is unknown. I have revised the contents slightly. The article though well represents what the dalliances in the Commodity Trade Business have resolved in large part to. A large percentage of trade are small in comparison to the otherwise solicited quantities that are passed around. Through the company I head – ALAMOUT Ltd., we always 3rd party verify and always steer away from the nonsensical with perhaps a bit of appreciated huumor. Hope you enjoy the following article.


I am a “Mandate” – I am a “Walrus”

Mandate definition – a contract by which one person commissions another to act for him gratuitously and the other accepts the commission
The word mandate in terms of business has only entered my vocabulary recently. At the beginning I was puzzled as to how I had missed these huge opportunities in life. “Mandates” were popping up everywhere like some alien species that I was now only discovering. I started to wonder was there some new master’s degree in one of the world’s prestigious business schools that I was unaware of. Did MBA stand for Mandate of Business Administration? Was there going to be a new stock market rally in “Mandate” related investments opportunities? Was Mandate the new Green revolution? Would we be talking about the “Mandate” stock market crash in a few years and should I invest in this now when it was in its early stage. Examples of the “Mandate” opportunities…. someone was going to pay anyone who could supply them with 10,000MT tonnes of gold 500 million dollars. And then another “Mandate” was looking for 10,000MT tonnes of gold and also pays 500 million dollars. I thought hmmm… Abramovich (this was a year ago) is in a bit of trouble with stock markets going down so if I put these two people together maybe I could help out Mr Abramovich and buy his new yacht at a decent price and still have a couple of hundred million to sail around the world until I get bored. And then I thought… this is more gold than the Americans have and El Dorado has yet to be discovered so something is not right. Another “Mandate” had a billion dollars or maybe multiples of to invest in projects world-wide. Who are your backers I asked. They want to remain anonymous came the reply. Do you have any references for yourself or your company (that only has a single page website)? My investors are very secretive came the reply. I thought I had unwittingly stumbled on some money laundering operation so I decided to get out quickly. My advice to the billion dollar man… if it’s so secretive don’t advertise. Then there was the “Diamond Mandate” who wanted to buy more diamonds per month than DeBeers produce in a year and of course there was the “Diamond Mandate” the wanted to buy the same amount. I soon decided that I was not qualified to enter this new world of “Mandate” money making opportunities and sadly retreated to my normal life. While I was driving at the weekend I am a Walrus came on the radio and for some reason I thought I am a Walrus could be replaced by I am a Mandate and that made me laugh at the brave new world of mandates that I had recently discovered. After a little research this morning I found out that the walrus within the song is a reference to the walrus from Lewis Carroll’s The Walrus and the Carpenter. Lennon later expressed dismay at learning that the walrus was the villain within the poem. Finding that the Lennon was dismayed that the walrus was a villain nicely ties in with the fact that I am dismayed at the delusional world of “The Mandates”. Or am I just unlucky or unqualified to benefit from this new revolution???


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